Wood Therapy

Wood Therapy: Art and Wisdom in Harmony with Nature

Wood therapy, an ancient practice that has been revitalized and modernized, is a unique and revolutionary massage technique using specially designed wooden instruments. These instruments, varied in shapes and sizes, are meticulously crafted to fit the specific contours of the human body, allowing for precise and individualized intervention.

This technique is not only an art in the way therapists apply treatments, but it also takes a scientific approach in stimulating and benefiting the body. Its method is based on principles of anatomy and physiology, working in perfect symbiosis with the body's natural responses.

The evolution of wood therapy over time has been remarkable. Initially used for relaxation and relieving muscle tension, today it is recognized for its effectiveness in more specific and deeper treatments. The current techniques of wood therapy have been refined and proven to be extraordinarily effective in body sculpting, skin firming, cellulite reduction, muscle tension release, and promoting a stress-free state.

Wood therapy not only seeks aesthetic well-being but also promotes overall health. By improving blood and lymphatic circulation, it helps eliminate toxins and optimize cellular functions. The rhythmic movements and appropriate pressure applied by the wooden tools facilitate natural lymphatic drainage and enhance the process of lipolysis, thus contributing to toning and the elimination of fat deposits.

Moreover, this technique provides a relaxing effect that helps regulate the nervous system, inducing a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. The muscular benefits are also notable, as wood therapy helps to unravel knots and tensions that accumulate with daily stress.

Each session of wood therapy is a holistic experience that attends not only to the body but also to the mind and spirit. Our expert therapists combine knowledge, skill, and sensitivity to provide a treatment that is both a sanctuary and a source of rejuvenation and harmony.


Improves arterial and venous blood circulation.

Regulates lymphatic circulation. Firms and tones the skin

Stimulates lipolysis.

Regulates the nervous system.

Improves muscle tone and helps to break down cellulite.

* We recommend visiting our center for a personalized diagnosis beforehand.