About Us

Natural&Mente Urban Spa

Natural&Mente is the brainchild of a young woman with a head full of ideas which have finally taken shape and culminated in the opening of her dream business. Since childhood she always knew what she was going to dedicate her life to, but whilst she studied and worked in the world of aesthetics and beauty, she realized that what she really aspired to was helping people to feel better, and to better understand the products which were being used in their treatments.

Whilst studying natural therapies, in Granada, she was very excited to find a job where she started to do what she really wanted - to help people achieve well-being and relaxation.

Sooner rather than later, she found work as a volunteer at the Fibromyalgia Association of Granada. There she learned what it really meant to help other people, to achieve well-being and to calm the pain of constant muscular fatigue.

When she finished her volunteer contract she moved to Madrid, where she found another job and it was there that she found the Dermalogica brand for facial care. A brand with a company policy that captivated her as she continued to train as a skin therapist. A new concept of recommending a product to a client and of doing typical “facial hygiene”.

She obtained a position with the brand's company in Marbella and two years later in Edinburgh (Scotland), where she lived for four years of her life.

With this brand she learned that natural is the most beneficial for our skin and that the sale of a product must be personalized, explaining the ingredients it contains and what benefits it will bring to each particular client.

When she came back from Edinburgh, she always had the idea that one day she would love to fulfil the dream she had always talked of with her father, to set up an urban spa in the centre of Estepona.

But before that, she met the love of her life and they got married. This young woman did not know how important this man was going to be in her life.

As a good technical architect, as soon as his wife told him her idea, he visualized the place that would be perfect and he asked her to make a study of everything she really wanted to include in her urban Spa.

She did so, looking initially at all the natural products she wanted to stock for sale and use and in her urban spa, how she wanted the decor, the furniture, the lamps, the showers, the area for pedicures and manicures ... etc. and then they prepared a budget and they decided to reach for their dream ...

A totally different concept of beauty and relaxation, where all the products would be natural and ecological, extracted from plants and without using any chemicals. Going back to the past, to the old ways ... taking care of every detail, every light and every scent. Creating a unique experience where beauty and well-being go hand in hand.

We have fully equipped Spa rooms, with showers and whirlpool tub inside the room. We also have a double room for massages or treatments as a couple, with your mother or your friend.

We have dared to change the concept of manicures and pedicures. In our salon, a pedicure is a more pleasurable experience than you can imagine, sitting in a wing chair, with your feet submerged in water laced with natural salts, listening to a song that relaxes you or reading your favourite book accompanied by an organic tea. Choosing between more than 50 different colours and always providing the best quality.

We actually have a shop with natural products for adults, children, babies, pregnant women, atopic skins, for men including skin care and shaving products. With a full range of natural and ecological soaps whose aromas captivate the whole of Santa Ana street. Plus, many other novelties such as the decor of the salon with its atmospheric lighting.